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School-University Partnerships
A Journal of the National Association for Professional Development Schools

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Seth Parsons

Seth Parsons

George Mason University

Mandy Bean

Mandy Bean

George Mason University

Associate Editor

Nisreen Daoud

Nisreen Daoud

Capital University

Editorial Assistants

Michelle Lague

Michelle Lague

George Mason University

Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter

George Mason University

Editorial Advisory Commitee

Elizabeth Levine Brown, George Mason University
Alicia Bruyning, Johns Hopkins University
Eva Garin, Bowie State University
Audra Parker, George Mason University
Drew Polly, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Kristien Zenkov, George Mason University
Lindsay Zurawski, George Mason University


General Information
School-University Partnerships publishes rigorous research and cutting edge scholarship related to school-university partnerships and the Professional Development School (PDS) philosophy. Two issues are published annually, in the Fall and Spring. Submissions are accepted year-round.

In addition, School-University Partnerships publishes occasional themed-issues, which have guest editors and are online only.

Aim and Scope
School-University Partnerships is committed to advocating for collaborative ventures across preK-12/higher education communities. It serves as a forum for the discovery and sharing of knowledge and ideas that shape educator preparation and effective practice in school-university partnerships. Honoring the joint voice of school- and university-based educators is central to the NAPDS mission, and School-University Partnerships seeks manuscripts that represent partnerships across stakeholders. The journal encourages submissions that reflect collaborative partnership initiatives. Submissions may focus on, but are not limited to:

  1. Original research in school-university partnerships
  2. Descriptions of effective educator pedagogy and content delivery in a PDS
  3. Explanations of successful partnership models and structures
  4. Examples of measures of assessment and results of the evaluative process
  5. Analysis of the professional development in school-university partnerships
  6. Literature reviews or research syntheses related to school-university partnerships

Information for Authors
Authors should use the APA Publication Manual, 7th edition in preparing their manuscripts. Text should be double spaced, 12-point font with any tables, figures, or visual images placed after the references section. For the purpose of blind-review, authors should refer to themselves as “authors” while using pseudonyms for all people and places. In the event that the manuscript is accepted for publication by the journal, authors will have the option of replacing pseudonyms with actual names. School-University Partnerships has two options for submissions:

Option One
Longer papers of 15-25 pages (not including references). Typically, these submissions include, but are not limited to, a detailed description of the purpose, relevant school-partnership literature, data collection, findings/results, implications/discussion, and conclusion. Longer papers may also focus on in-depth explanations of partnership models.

Option Two
Shorter submissions of 5-10 pages (not including references). The primary purpose of this option is to recognize the importance of context-specific efforts in illuminating the work of PDS practitioners. This option may include, but is not limited to, a successful application of a particular scheme or idea, an account of a particular teaching strategy or curricular initiative, the ways in which a particular problem or challenge was addressed, other classroom/school/partnership specific initiatives, etc

Submission Process
Manuscripts should be submitted HERE. Submissions must include the following elements:

Cover Letter
Submit a letter that includes a summary of the article, the author(s)’ affiliations and contact information, the type of article (Option 1 or Option 2) being submitted

Article Cover Page
Title of manuscript, date of submission, authors name(s) with complete mailing address, business and home/mobile phone numbers, e-mail address, and a brief biography for each author not to exceed 30 words.

On a separate page at the beginning of the manuscript please describe the essence of your work in no more than 150 words (with no identifying information). Add three “key words/phrases” that describe your study. Finally, under the abstract please note which of the NAPDS “essentials” are addressed in your manuscript. For further information, please refer to What it Means to be a Professional Development School: The Nine Essentials (Second Edition)

The manuscript should follow APA 7 guidelines and should not exceed 25 pages (NOT including references).

Peer Review Process
As a peer-reviewed journal, School-University Partnerships is committed to ensuring the quality of all the articles it publishes. Consequently, the journal’s editors invite members of the editorial review board to evaluate the quality of each manuscript submitted. In order to reduce bias, submissions undergo double-blind peer review. During this process, the identities of both the author and the reviewers are not revealed. The review process is typically no longer than three months. Manuscripts receive at least two reviews for editors to reach a decision. Reviewers provide ratings based on our criteria listed below on a scale of 1-5:

  1. Appropriateness to the NAPDS membership
  2. Reflects collaboration between school-/district-based educators and university-/college-based educators
  3. Significance of topic to the PDS movement
  4. Topic, report, and findings are of interest to school-/district-based educators and university-/college-based educators
  5. Clear details of research questions, action, and results OR of PDS practice, models, or structures
  6. Valid conclusions
  7. Advancement of knowledge
  8. Clear, coherent, and well-written manuscript

Information for Reviewers
Most reviewers are invited to review a manuscript approximately every six months; however, in the case that a manuscript requires revisions and is resubmitted, we will ask the same reviewers to revisit the manuscript to help us make a decision.

When you are selected from our pool of reviewers to review a manuscript, you will receive an email invitation. At that time, you may agree or decline to review based on your availability. If you decline, while not required, an explanation would be greatly appreciated and helps us better know when you are available to review for the journal.

When you agree to review a manuscript, you will receive a link to our online system through which you will be able to access the blinded manuscript. Reviewers are also asked to provide constructive feedback to authors and private notes to the editor, when appropriate. Reviewers who have agreed to review a manuscript may receive email reminders from the assigned editor, especially if the review is late or approaching the deadline.

Becoming a Reviewer
School-University Partnerships is always seeking reviewers. If you would like to serve as a reviewer for School-University Partnerships, please email your request and CV/resume to

Editorial Review Board

Nancy Dana, University of Florida

Nisreen Daoud, Capital University

Pixita del Prado Hill, Buffalo State University

Stacy Delacruz, Kennesaw State University

Danielle Dennis, University of Rhode Island

Stephanie Dodman, George Mason University

Janna Dresden, University of Georgia

Gregory Duffy, Monmouth University

Lindsay Elliott, Fairfax County Public Schools (VA)

Margaret Ferrara, University of Nevada Reno

Amy Fitchett, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Karen Foster, Lincoln Memorial University

Nick Fowkes, University of Ohio

Keli Garas-York, Buffalo State University

Eva Garin, Bowie State University

Amy Garrett Dikkers, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Vincent Genareo, Salisbury University

Belinda Gimbert, Ohio State University

Holly Glaser, George Mason University

Deirdre Greer, Columbus State University

Lois Groth, George Mason University

Sarrah Grubb, Alice Lloyd College

Judith Guerrero, Towson University

Samantha Haraf, University of South Florida

Judy Harmon-Holmes, Frostburg State University

Dena Harshbarger, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Jenifer Hartman, New Jersey City University

Randy Hitz, Portland State University

Angela Hooser, University of South Florida

Jana Hunzicker, Bradley University

Samantha Ives, George Mason University College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Amber Jensen, George Mason University

Celia Johnson, Bradley University

Melinda Knapp, Oregon State University at Cascades

Michelle Knotts, Pennsylvania State University

Michelle Lague, George Mason University

Cheryl Lehman, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith

Lesia Lennex, Morehead State University

Karen Loman, University of Central Missouri

Vicki L. Luther, Mercer University

Timothy Mahoney, Millersville University

Cynthia Dawn Martelli, Florida Gulf Coast University

Nicole Martin, Ball State University

Nicole Maxwell, University of North Georgia – Gainesville Campus

Mary Jane McIlwain, Auburn University

Dorene Medlin, Albany State University (GA)

Deebe Milford, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith

April Miller, Morehead State University

Kimberely Nettleton, Morehead State University

Curtis Nielsen, University of Northern Iowa

Bernard Oliver, University of Florida

Peter Olson, Bradley University

Patty Pancheri, McDonald Elementary

Audra Parker, George Mason University

Erin Pearce, Tarleton State University

Shawn Pennell, University of Nevada Reno

Melissa Pierczynski, University of Maryland University College

Drew Polly, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Andrew Porter, George Mason University

Shannon Putman, Jefferson County Schools, Kentucky

Emily Reeves, Midwestern State University

Barbara Rieckhoff, DePaul University

Raven Robinson, University of South Florida

Doug Rogers, Baylor University

Rene Roselle, University of Sacred Heart

Julie Rosenthal, William Paterson University of New Jersey

Logan Rutten, Pennsylvania State University

Stephanie Savick, Notre Dame of Maryland University

Scott Scheuerell, Loras College

Stephanie Schroeder, University of Florida

Tammy Schwartz, Miami University

Barbara Schwartz-Bechet, Salus University

Windy Schweder, University of South Carolina

Sara Schwerdtfeger, Emporia State University

Bethany Scullin, University of West Georgia

Matt Seimears, Emporia State University

Payal Shah, George Mason University

James Shiveley, University of Miami

Cathy Siebert, Ball State University (IN)

Lynn Sikma, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Janel Smith, Georgia Southern University

David Snow, Montana State University Billings

Yosung Song, Syracuse University

Erica Sponberg, Kansas State University

Susan Steaffens, Clark County School District

Kristen Stricks, Ivymount School, Maryland

Cindy Stunkard, Kutztown University

Jennifer Suh, George Mason University

Ryan Taylor, Wright State University

Mary Barbara Trube, University of Ohio

Kelly Usher, George Mason University

Margaret Vaughn, University of Idaho

Vicki Vescio, Univeristy of Florida

Jennifer Ward, University of South Florida

Deana Washall, State College Area School District

Richard Waters, Rahway High School

Ocie Watson-Thompson, Towson University

Kaitlin Wergrzyn, University of Georgia

Cheryl Wittman, Maryland Dept of Education

Randy Wood, Baylor University

Regina Wragg, University of South Carolina