2018 Themed Issue: “Mutually Beneficial PDS Models”

Volume 11, Number 3

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Front Matter

Table of Contents

Presenting a Social Justice and Equity-Oriented PDS Research Model:
Example of a Sensory Ethnography of the Experiences of English Learners and the Role of Raciolinguistics

Madjiguene Salma Bah Fall

Mutually Beneficial Professional Development Partnerships: One Model

Christina Janise McIntyre, Daphney Leann Curry, & Bonne King

A Sustainable Teacher Residency: Designing Paid Internships for Teacher Education

John E. Henning

A Co-Constructed School-University Partnership Model of Professional Development for Teachers

David Littlefair

The Potential for Dispositions Assessments to Evaluate PDS Relationships

Austin Kureethara Manuel, Dittika Gupta, Timothy Hinchman

Structuring Field-Based University Methods Courses in a PDS:
A Win-Win for Teacher Candidates and Elementary Students

Patricia J. Norman & Melissa Siller

Music Education and Mutually Beneficial Partnerships:
Building a Model for Long-term Professional Development

Matthew D. Luttrell & Adam P. Lynskey

Breaking with Tradition: A New Approach to Professional Development Schools

Pamela H. Segal

Fostering Teacher Leadership for Mutually Beneficial Programs:
An Early Childhood PDS Partnership Case Study

M. Barbara Trube, Nancy Cryder Jones, Kit E. Kinnamon, Leslie Smith, Susan Congrove, & Karen Corcoran