PDS Research Relations Liaison

Description of the Position
The NASUP/AERA PDS SIG Research Relations Liaison strengthens the connection between the American Education Research Association Professional Development School Research Special Interest Group (AERA PDS SIG) and the National Association for School-University Partnerships (NASUP). The liaison is mutually agreed upon by both organizations and serves a two-year term, which may be renewed.

This individual will:

  • Have dual membership AERA PDS SIG and NASUP
  • Be actively engaged in PDS research and scholarship
  • Serve as an advocate for PDS research in both organizations
  • Serve as a member of the NASUP Policy, Advocacy, and External Relations Committee and the leadership of the AERA PDS Research SIG.
  • Identify and recruit individuals who can lead research teams as identified by either organization
  • Provide recommendations to the NASUP Leadership and the AERA PDS Research SIG Leadership about PDS research-related activities.
  • Examine the potential for research publications, which may include edited books or themed/special issues of School-University Partnerships and/or the Journal of Practitioner Research.
  • Contribute research updates (approximately 1-2 per year) in NASUP email blasts and the AERA PDS Research SIG newsletter

History of the Position
One of the first initiatives of the newly formed PA&ER Committee in 2016 was to strengthen the relationship between NASUP and the American Education Research Association Professional Development School Research Special Interest Group. A point of synergy between the two organizations was the desire to strengthen and amplify research in and on PDSs and to facilitate communication about PDS research between the two organizations. The two organizations agreed that an inter-organizational role that would inform the leadership of both organizations was essential in accomplishing their shared mission of elevating PDS research. They collaborated for over a year to develop the role by articulating the responsibilities and determining the application and selection processes. In 2017, they collaboratively selected the first PDS Research Relations Liaison, Susan Ogletree (Georgia State University).

PDS Research Initiatives
The PDS Research Relations Liaison has facilitated grant applications and has coordinated a PDS Research forum held in between the NASUP annual conference and the Association of Teacher Educators annual conference.

Past PDS Research Relation Liaisons
2017 – Present Susan Ogletree (Georgia State University)