October NAPDS Leadership Update

The NAPDS leadership team conducted its regular monthly meeting on October 10th to discuss several agenda items aimed to move the association forward and prepare for our upcoming conference. Meeting the needs of our members is at the forefront of our leadership team discussions. The meeting began with the approval of the minutes from last month’s meeting; then the leadership team considered the following action items:

  • A recommendation from the Awards Committee to create an award for students, the Emerging PDS Leader Award, was approved. The nomination process will be announced soon. The inaugural award will be presented at the 2018 annual conference in Jacksonville.
  • Requests from two other institutions to index articles from SUP and PDS Partners on campus repositories were granted, pending clarification of any copyright conflicts.
  • Took action to support a group of international educators who want to attend the 2018 annual conference.
  • Approved the development of a Leadership Handbook.
  • Established a fixed fiscal year calendar, June 1- May 31, to replace the current conference-to-conference fiscal calendar.
  • Adopted a policy to coordinate, under a group password manager, the various online services used by NAPDS committees and officers to conduct Association business.

The following discussion items were addressed (no formal actions required):

  • The Conference Committee sought input from the leadership on a pre-conference survey.
  • The Sponsorship sub-committee of the Conference Committee updated the leadership on efforts to secure sponsorships for the 2018 conference. Leadership members were encouraged to use a sample letter constructed by the committee to personally solicit sponsorships.
  • The Board of Directors, coordinated by the Past-President, sought input from the leadership on various bylaw changes being considered. Final recommendations will be presented to Association leadership for review prior to being submitted to the membership for approval.
  • Monthly update reports were submitted by the Treasurer, the Membership and Elections Committee, the Policy and External Relations Committee, the Conference Committee, and the Communications Committee.

The next regularly scheduled leadership meeting is November 9, 2017.