Call for Cases


Dear NAPDS Members and Friends:


Ten years ago, the National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) outlined nine essentials of what distinguishes professional development schools (PDS) as intentional, deep school-university partnerships in their publication What it Means to be a Professional Development School. Since their publication, PDS stakeholders have used the Nine Essentials to guide their work.


The purpose of this book, The NAPDS Nine Essentials in Action: Cases of Professional Development Schools, will be to extend the current knowledge about PDSs by providing cases that illustrate how the NAPDS Nine Essentials can be and have been implemented and how their implementation looks at varying levels of partnership development.


We invite you to submit cases that document your PDS work using the Nine Essentials as a backdrop. Please review the attached Call for Cases and refer any questions to either of us. Cases are due by September 15th.




Eva Garin, Professor

Bowie State University


Rebecca West Burns, Associate Professor

University of South Florida