2021 National Conference

Submit a Proposal

The NAPDS National Conference depends on people like you to craft proposals that further our agenda and expand our knowledge base.  This year’s theme is Magical Collaborations:  Making School-University Partnerships the Happiest Places on Earth

We are accepting proposals for the 2021 Conference through Friday, October 10, 2021.

Conference Strands

1. “To infinity and beyond!”~Buzz Lightyear
The work involved in launching and sustaining a PDS

2. “Believe you can, then you will.”~Mulan
Learning about leadership in the PDS: Teacher candidate, teacher, administrator, district, and university 

3. “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.” ~Pocahontas
Specific classroom practices which have been implemented on PDS campuses through collaboration with classroom teachers & university faculty and/or teacher candidates

4. “All it takes is faith and trust.”~Peter Pan
How PDS work supports important shifts for PK-12 students, teacher candidates, educators, schools, and universities

5. “Just keep swimming.”~Dori  
Investigating and deepening the scope of PDS work through research, scholarship, and policy

6. “Don’t just fly, soar.”~Dumbo
PDS through an innovative, unconventional or creative lens

Session Types

  • Concurrent – 45 minute sessions
  • Round Tables – 45 minute sessions
  • PDS Questions – 45 minute sessions
  • Poster Research – 45 minute poster session
  • Committee/Affiliate Meetings – 45 minute sessions
  • Extended Concurrent – 105 minute sessions

*Coming Soon