2023 NAPDS Conference Jacksonville
Hyatt Regency Jacksonville

Submit a Proposal

The NAPDS National Conference depends on people like you to craft proposals that further our agenda and expand our knowledge base.  

We are accepting proposals for the 2023 Conference through Friday, November 11, 2022.

Conference Strands

  • Launching and sustaining a PDS
  • Leadership in PDS
  • Specific classroom practices in PDS
  • Teacher Candidates in PDS
  • Mentoring in PDS
  • Research, scholarship, & policy in PDS
  • Antiracism/Social Justice in PDS

Session Types

Paired Concurrent Sessions: Presentations will be paired based on content. Each session will have 2 presentations. The session will last for 60 minutes and will be structured accordingly: 

    • 30 minute first presentation
      • Introduction 
      • Presentation with active engagement from participants
    • 30 minute second presentation
      • Introduction 
      • Presentation with active engagement from participants
    • Special Note: The scheduling committee will pair the presentations based on strands and content.

Round Table Sessions: There will be one presenter per table. Each session will last 60 minutes with a rotating audience.

Practitioner-based Workshops: These sessions are practice, hands-on, and participant oriented. They are highly interactive with digital and/or paper resources as session takeaways.

Teacher Candidate Research: The posters will be all electronic so that presenters can share their research via their own computer or tablet. Computers will be on high-top tables and set so that they can be easily seen by the presenters and the audience. Each session will last 30 minutes with a rotating audience.