2021 National Conference

Submit a Proposal

.The NAPDS National Conference depends on people like you to craft proposals that further our agenda and expand our knowledge base.  This year’s theme is Stronger Together.

We are accepting proposals for the 2021 Conference through Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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Conference Strands

  1. Together in the Journey
    The work involved in launching and sustaining a PDS
  2. Together in Leadership
    Learning about leadership in the PDS: Teacher candidate, teacher, administrator, district, and university
  3. Together in Collaborative Practice
    Specific classroom practices which have been implemented on PDS campuses through collaboration with classroom teachers & university faculty and/or teacher candidates
  4. Together in Transformation
    How PDS work supports important shifts for PK-12 students, teacher candidates, educators, schools, and universities
  5. Together in Research and Policy
    Investigating and deepening the scope of PDS work through research, scholarship, and policy
  6. Together in Creative PDS Work
    PDS through an innovative, unconventional or creative lens