The NAPDS Awards Committee is excited to announce two new awards for the 2023 Annual Conference:

  • Exemplary Mentor Teacher Award
  • Exemplary PK20 Boundary Spanner Award

We recognize the distinct leadership and impact that people in these roles make to contribute to the success of school-university partnerships.  The awards committee is honored to be able to acknowledge and celebrate those that demonstrate excellence in these important roles.

Nominations for these awards along with the other three NAPDS awards are NOW open! The deadline to submit a nomination is Monday, December 19, 2022.

 Below is a brief description of the two new awards.  Please take this time to consider potential nominations. Click HERE to read more, and to submit a nomination.

Exemplary Mentor Teacher Award

The NAPDS award for exemplary PK12 mentor teacher recognizes school-based clinical educators who demonstrate excellence in supporting, coaching, and guiding preservice and/or inservice teachers in their professional growth. Exemplary mentor teachers engage in ongoing, reflective practices, high quality coaching practices, and modeling of effective instructional practices

Exemplary PK20 Boundary Spanner Award

This NAPDS award recognizes an individual who is exemplary in meeting Essential 8 where the individual moves beyond the responsibilities of one’s job to impact a third space. Boundary spanners are situated in a “third space”  between university and PK12 settings and are not bound solely by the traditions or responsibilities of any one institution.  An exemplary PK20 boundary spanner innovates the systems or practices to enhance the learning of all of those involved in the partnership.