Affiliation with the National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS)

The NAPDS believes that supporting regional PDS organizations as affiliates of the national organization provides more opportunities for advocating PDSs as the paramount model for the preparation of aspiring teachers. Together, NAPDS and its local affiliates can provide stronger support for P-12, students, P-12 teachers, clinical faculty, teacher candidates and IHE faculty to meet the goals of the NAPDS Nine Essentials.

An affiliate of the NAPDS advocates for and uses the core values of the NAPDS, as described in “What it means to be a Professional Development School.” The nine essentials described in the document provide the context for the work of the affiliate and the bond between the affiliate and the NAPDS. The affiliate and the NAPDS will promote a relationship of reciprocity for the mutual benefit of both.

Individuals or groups interested in establishing an NAPDS affiliate are advised to use the following outline for application. The application will be reviewed by an NAPDS committee whose recommendation will then be submitted for approval by the NAPDS Association Leadership.  View the assessment rubric here.  A notification of action by the Association Leadership will then be sent to the individual or group contact(s) responsible for the application. The recommendation may result in one of three actions: 1) a granting of affiliate status with no conditions; 2) a granting of affiliate status with conditions; or 3) a denial of the granting of affiliate status. The NAPDS Board meets three times each year. Please visit the Affiliates page for a list of current affiliates.


Affiliate and NAPDS Expectations

  • It is an expectation that affiliates will be represented at the annual NAPDS Conference and will participate in the national organization (such as presenting, or serving on a committee or as an officer).
  • It is expected that at least two members of the affiliate’s leadership will maintain individual membership in the NAPDS.
  • The affiliate’s materials (e.g., brochures, documents) will clearly indicate “An affiliate of the National Association for Professional Development Schools” and may use the NAPDS logo only to identify itself as an affiliate.
  • Affiliate will have the link of the NAPDS on its website and promote its annual conference.
  • The NAPDS will have an Affiliate page on its website with a link to the website of each affiliate organization.
  • The NAPDS will list the local events of each affiliate on its website.
  • Every year the affiliate will submit a brief report, which should be a summary of the salient highlights and/or goals accomplished that reflect the nine essentials. This summary is due July 1.
  • On August 1 of each year, the affiliate will be billed an annual fee based on current fee schedule approved by the executive leadership.

NAPDS Conference

  • It will be expected that each affiliate will send a representative to the annual NAPDS Conference each year.
  • The NAPDS will schedule a pre-conference meeting for all affiliate delegates.
  • The NAPDS will provide a meeting time during the conference for each affiliate to hold a meeting of its members.

Affiliate Events

  • The NAPDS will support affiliate events and make an effort for an NAPDS representative to participate in some manner.

Affiliate Fee Schedule

Initially the fee to affiliate will be just $100. This fee will be subject to annual review by NAPDS board of directors as appropriate.