A volume in the series: Research in Professional Development Schools.


Editor(s): JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College. Janice L. Nath, University of Houston. Ronald Beebe, University of Houston -Downtown.



Creating safe, nurturing, and academically rich environments for future teachers, students and educators are foundational to the work in professional development school partnership and the community school strategy. Often these models are considered school reform efforts that enhance teaching and learning outcomes, especially in underserved communities. In thinking about ways to support all stakeholders in the school community this book seeks to examine how the combination of the two models address teacher and student needs in a holistic whole-child and whole-school framework.

Editors are seeking chapters that highlight PDSs partnered with community schools that clearly adhere to the ethos of both the National Association of Professional Development Schools and the National Coalition of Community Schools. The literature review should be grounded in PDS and community school research with a look towards extending the knowledge base or solving a problem of practice. Attention should be given to PDS work with diverse students in under resourced communities with a focus on academic and social supports.

Chapter content to address the Nine Essentials and the integration of a PDS into a community school that demonstrate one or more of the following aspects:

Educator preparation.

Student success, academic/social.

Teachers’ professional learning and growth.

Collaborative leadership, including community partners.

Best practice overlaps.

Family engagement and support.

Integrated student supports.

Submission Deadline

Email the following to joanne.ferrara@mville.edu

  • a 500-700 word abstract (APA 7th edition) and chapter outline by September 15th
  • cover sheet with author information including affiliation

Selection Schedule

Authors notified by October 15, 2020