NAPDS Book Endorsements


The NAPDS wishes to endorse books and other significant publications that promote the professional development schools movement.


The NAPDS sub-committee for publication endorsements is an ad hoc committee appointed by the president. The purpose of the committee is to review PDS-focused books and other significant publications whose authors, editors, or publishers are seeking NAPDS endorsement.


Publications are endorsed by NAPDS based on alignment with the NAPDS vision, mission, and belief statements and evaluation of the following criteria:


  • Appropriateness to the NAPDS membership
  • Reflects collaboration between school-district-based educators and university-/college-based educators
  • Significance to the Professional Development Schools (PDS) movement
  • Topic, report, findings are of interest to school-district-based AND university-college-based educators
  • Valid conclusions
  • Advancement of knowledge
  • Clear, coherent, and well-written manuscript


The NAPDS endorsement process typically takes 8 to 12 weeks and ideally occurs during the copy editing phase of production. After each committee member independently reviews the publication based on these criteria, the committee chair makes a recommendation to the NAPDS executive leadership who makes the final decision to approve or not approve the endorsement.


Once a book or other significant publication is endorsed by NAPDS, an electronic letter of acceptance that includes a jpeg file of the NAPDS logo will be provided to the applicant(s). If the publication is still in production, the letter and logo can be forwarded to the publisher so that notification of the endorsement can be included on the book jacket or cover.


Authors, editors, or publishers seeking NAPDS endorsement may contact Bernard Badiali, Committee Chair, to initiate the process.


NAPDS Endorsed Publications


The following books and significant publications are NAPDS endorsed. NAPDS encourages members and others interested in promoting professional development schools to use these resources for personal study; scholarship; planning, implementation, and assessment; professional development; and teaching.


Creating Visions for University-School Partnerships

JoAnne Ferrara, Janice L. Nath, and Irma N. Guadarrama, Editors Information Age Publishing (IAP) 2014


Doing PDS: Stories and Strategies from Successful Clinically Rich Practice

Keli Garas-York, Pixita del Prado Hill, Leslie K. Day, Kim Truesdell, and Susan Keller-Mathers, Editors Information Age Publishing (IAP) 2017


Teacher Leadership in Professional Development Schools

Jana Hunzicker, Editor Emerald Publishing 2018


Visions from Professional Development School Partners: Connecting Professional Development and Clinical Practice


Michael Cosenza and Merilyn Buchanan, Editors Information Age Publishing (IAP) 2018


Professional Development Schools and Transformative Partnerships

Drew Polly, Tina Heafner, Marvin Chapman, and Melba Spooner, IGI Global, 2015


NAPDS Member Discounts

When ordering IAP publications through the IAP website, NAPDS members will receive a 20% discount when they enter a special NAPDS members only code. To access the code, visit the Members Only webpage.