2022 Summer Special Guest Issue: A Culture of Caring in School–University Partnerships

Volume 15, Number 2

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Nurturing Joy and Belonging: Practices for Rehumanizing Professional Learning
Katie Egan Cunningham, and Kristin N. Rainville

Leveraging School-University Partnerships and Clinical Practice Experiences to Enact Equitable Mathematics Practices in Elementary Schools
Drew Polly

Professional Development Schools and Future Teachers of America Clubs: A Promising Pipeline
Maureen F. Ruby, and Ernesto Davila

Collaboration to Promote Social-Emotional Learning: Promoting Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Theresa Kruczek, Janay Sander, Jenny Smithson, and Jess Paul

Implementing Self-Care Assignments as Means of Caring for Preservice Teachers
Ashleigh Maldonado

Riding the Waves of Change: Supporting Teacher Leadership and Resilience
Kimberly White Money, Julie Schmidt Hasson, and Betsy M. Rosenbalm

Pedagogy of Care: Mentoring Preservice English Teachers Through a Creative Reflection Task
Jess Smith, Ashleigh Maldonado, Hannah Harris, and Gisele Peralta

Integrating Flourishing within PDS Partnerships to Support Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing
Kristine E. Larson, Stephanie Savick, Tara Segree, Mable Buchanan, and Amrita Chaturvedi

Reimagining Resources: Creating Spaces that Explore Multicultural Literacies
Erin Hamel and Bettie Parsons Barger

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in a Hawai’I PDS: Preparing Teacher Candidates to Work with Students from Micronesia
Monica Gonzalez Smith, Nicole Schlaack, Crista K. Banks, Jennifer F.M. Padua, and Sonja Samsonas

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