2018 Themed Issue: “Furthering the Education Profession: Partnerships in Action”

Volume 11, Number 4

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Front Matter
Table of Contents

Furthering the Education Profession: Partnerships in Action

Lynn Sikma, Amy Garrett Dikkers, and Somer Lewis

Matched for Success: Strategic Student Teaching Placements

Nicole Nickens, Karen Loman, Ann McCoy, Natalie Tye, Angela Danley, and Marlene DeVilbiss

Lynn Sikma and Victoria Minshew

From Book Club to Professional Learning Community:
Empowering a Network of Mathematics Specialists

Courtney Baker, Terrie Galanti, Janet Graham, Kimberley Hayden, and Pamela Bailey

Supporting Professional Development on Writing Strategy Instruction:
Listening to the Voices of Collaborators as Carriers of Change

Zoi Traga Philippakos, Mark Overly, Cary Riches, Linda Grace, and Wendy Johns

Dreaming Big: The Ongoing Story of the Collaboration Between
a University, a School District, an Author, and an Illustrator

Erinn Bentley and Mary Beth Hendricks

Bridging Educational Communities to Creatively Explore
Social Justice Topics Through Film and Dance

Christine Liao, James Devita, and Pamela Walden

Collaboration Between Formal and Informal Networks:
Partnering Educators for Place-Based Learning Experiences

Sara Sweetman, Kelly Shea, and Jeanine Silversmith

A Space for Us Too: Using Youth Participatory Action Research to
Center Youth Voices in School-University-Community Partnerships

Rachel Radina, Brittany Aronson, Tammy Schwartz, Janet Albright-Willis,
Brooke Norval, Genesis Ross, and Michelle Wallace

Pushing the Boundaries of School-University Partnerships:
Engaging the Community

Lynn Sikma, Amy Garrett Dikkers, and Somer Lewis