Call for Submissions for the School-University Partnerships Special, Online Themed Issues

Call for Submissions for the School-University Partnerships Special, Online Themed Issues

National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) members have expressed growing interest in the publication of additional, online thematic issues of School-University Partnerships (SUP) to supplement the bi-annual print editions of the journal. The first online special issue will be published this fall, with ten articles addressing the question “What is a PDS?”. NAPDS will publish the next two special online issues in 2017, one addressed the use of technology in Professional Development Schools (PDSs) and one highlighting teacher inquiry in PDS settings.

For details see: SUP Themed Issue Call for Submissions Teacher Inquiry in Professional Development Schools How it Makes a Difference and SUP Themed Issue Call for Submissions – Technology

The guest editors of these two issues are actively seeking article submissions, both with November deadlines. Each issue will be comprised of eight to ten articles, which will be considered via a peer review process and can be of three genres: Research Articles, Cases-in-Point, or Conceptual. The annual online themed issue will be published on the NAPDS website in late February, prior to the NAPDS Annual Conference. The editors and authors of the special issues will be highlighted in the conference program and will be asked to make a special presentation of their issue. 

Please contact the special issue editors with any inquiries.