Association Leadership

NAPDS Leadership:

President  (2nd yr of 3 yr term):Donnan Stoicovy, Park Forest Elementary School (2016-2018);

Past President (3rd yr of 3 yr term):Marcy Keifer Kennedy, Ohio University (2015-2017);

President Elect (1st yr of a 3 yr term): Doug Rogers, Baylor University (2016-2017);

CFO (1st yr of 2 yr term): Cindy Stunkard, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (2014-2016);

Secretary (2nd yr of 2 yr term): Drew Polly, University of North Carolina Charlotte (2016-2017);


Board of Directors (3 yr terms):

Karen Hassell, Retired, Waco, TX (2014-2016);

Rebecca West Burns, University of South Florida (2015-2017);

Michael Cosenza, California Lutheran University (2016-2018);

Committee Chairs (2 or 3 yr terms):

Membership and Elections (2 yr term): Krystal Goree, Baylor University (2015-2016)

Conferences and Programs (2 yr term): Jean Eagle, Miami University, Ohio (2016-2017);

Awards (2 yr term): Peggy Lewis, Ball State University (2016-2017);

Policy & External Relations (2 yr term): Danielle Dennis, University of South Florida (2016-2017);

Communication (3 yr term): Nanette Marcum-Dietrich, Millersville University of Pennsylvania (2015-2017);

Journal Editor (3 yr term): Kristien Zenkov, George Mason University (2012-2014, 2015-2017);

Magazine Editor (3 yr term): Ron Siers, Salisbury University (2012-2014, 2015-2017);

Other Positions (2 or 3 yr terms):

Stories From the Field Editor (3 yr term): Tom Habowski, Lampeter-Strasburg School District (2015-2017);