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Journal of the National Association for
Professional Development Schools

School-University Partnerships Journal is committed to advocating for collaborative ventures across the P-12 and college/university communities as vehicles for the discovery and sharing of knowledge that shapes educator leadership and best practice.

2016 Themed Issue: “What it means to be a Professional Development School”

Online Themed Issue Call for Submissions – SUP Themed Issue Call for Submissions – Technology and SUP Themed Issue Call for Submissions Teacher Inquiry in Professional Development Schools How it Makes a Difference revised 08.30.16

Want to be an Editor for a Online Themed Issue? – SUP Themed Issue Call for Proposals-Guidelines 

School-University Partnerships is published twice a year in the spring and fall. Submissions are accepted year-round and go through a double blind peer review process.

School-University Partnerships Editorial Team

Kristien Zenkov,Professor, George Mason University, (Senior Editor)
Alicia Bruyning, PhD Student, George Mason University, (Editor)
Ellen Clark, PhD Student, George Mason University, (Editor)
Nisreen Daoud, PhD Student, George Mason University, (Editor)
Audra Parker, Associate Professor, George Mason University, (Editor)
Seth Parsons, Associate Professor, George Mason University, (Editor)

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